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What makes us the right choice?

Viento trading is a Trade Agent & Consultancy company based in Finland with networks and partnerships in Colombia and Peru. Our expertise is based on the cultural knowledge of the Nordic area and Latin America, and a genuine experience of the target market and language skills, which enable high quality market research and competitor analysis.


We partner with our clients to produce and implement high-impact marketing and business development solutions that will drive business growth and boost profits.  Our goal is to guarantee that all marketing and business development efforts focus on activities that result in a return on investment.


We believe that South America is an undiscovered treasure in the global trade business. The Free Trade Agreement between the European Union – Colombia & Peru and the Pacific Alliance are offering numerous opportunities for the European, Nordic and South American markets


Viento Trading’s Founder and Trade Agent Andrés Peña Archila lives in Finland and travels actively to South America. He has a degree in International Business and Logistics. Andrés mother tongue is Spanish and he has been living in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. He has great negotiation skills and a cultural understanding what is needed in order to make things work between the European, Nordic and Latin American countries.

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